About Us: Personnel

The Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance staff is made up of a mix of career and volunteer members, who donate a combined 33,000 hours each year. The staff includes 8 full-time career staff Paramedics and EMT's. For executive level operation, members are elected as executive officers and appointed as operational personnel. Day to day operation of the ambulance corps is based upon on pre-set primary duty shifts. Our crews are stationed at our base to reduce response time to an emergency. They provide both Basic Life Support (BLS) services as well as Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. Our staff can perform heart monitoring and can administer life saving medications on the way to the hospital, often saving and preventing further threats to life during the transport time to hospitals.

Primary Duty Shift
Assigned to the first ambulance dispatched to an emergency call and includes:

  • EMT
  • ALS Technician

Rotation of Duty Shifts:

  • 11PM-6AM
  • 6AM-6PM
  • 6PM-11PM