Striving every day to provide exceptional emergency medical service to the community with highly-trained personnel and an ongoing commitment to exploration, evaluation and utilization of the latest technological resources.

Caring for the Community

In 1970, Victor Farmington Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. was formed to serve a critical function in the preservation of life for the sick or injured. Since then, we’ve fulfilled this duty by providing a variety of services to best Care for our Community. 

The past five decades have had a few recurring themes at Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance:

  • Growth
  • Use of the latest technology
  • A service provided with-out financial burden to the residents

Our once small towns have grown tremendously in the way of new residents, new commercial/retail/shopping locations, entertainment, and business. Today, our towns rank as the largest and second largest in Ontario County. As our community continues to grow, we commit to keep pace with the growing needs for our services. We provide these services for over 26,000 residences amidst a 43% population growth in Victor, while Farmington is expecting 1,000 additional homes, generating growth beyond the 11% growth experienced this past decade.

For over 50 years we’ve improved our presence in the community as a trusted service provider, transforming from a simple transporter of the sick and injured to area hospitals to an agency that provides emergency medical care meeting pre-hospital industry standards.

Our crews are stationed at our base and at Victor Fire during the day in order to reduce emergency response time. These crews provide both Basic Life Support (BLS) services as well as Advanced Life Support (ALS) services. Our personnel can perform heart monitoring and can administer life saving medications on the way to the hospital, often saving and preventing further threats to life during the transport time to hospitals.

Our agency is committed to providing the highest quality patient care with “hometown compassion”. Browse this site and see what Victor Farmington Ambulance has to offer. Perhaps one-day soon you’ll utilize our services or even become a member of our organization, helping our efforts to Care for the Community.