Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance invoices for ambulance services when the care provided requires the individual to be transported to a local hospital due to injury or illness. Additionally, we invoice for instances in which a patient is evaluated at an advanced level of care, but the patient refused transport. These evaluations are done at a reduced rate.

Billing individuals who are transported supports day-to-day operations and capital improvements. Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance relies primarily on the income received for individuals transported.

Whether you’re a resident or not, we bill your health insurance including secondary insurance or Medicare/Medicaid for ambulance transport services. This is called third party billing. We accept what your Medicare/Medicaid pays as payment in full, therefore you will not receive any out of pocket expense. Individuals with private insurance are liable for the co-payment owed for the ambulance services provided.

Often health insurance companies send insurance payments directly to the individual who received ambulance transport services, this insurance check must be turned over to Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance. Our billing company is notified immediately when a check is sent to a patient and cashed. This check is meant to cover the costs of the ambulance services. Unfortunately due to the high number of individuals that keep checks, our agency will send the unpaid amount to collections and/or small claims court.

Individuals that have a question on their bill can contact Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance’s billing agent, directly at:
Med-Ex Billing, Inc.
P.O. Box 186
Leroy, NY 14482-0816

Individuals who require copies of patient records must complete a written request using a form that can be acquired and returned at:
Victor Farmington Volunteer Ambulance
Attn: Privacy Officer
1321 East Victor Road
Victor, NY 14564