The Victor-Farmington Ambulance staff is made up of a mix of career and volunteer members! The staff includes 11 full-time career staff Paramedics and EMT’s as well as dozens of per diem Paramedics and EMT’s. Our crews are stationed at our base to reduce response time to an emergency. Our ambulance is staffed with Basic Life Support (BLS) providers as well as Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers and, oftentimes ALS providers credentialed to perform RSI. Our staff can perform heart monitoring and can administer life saving medications on the way to the hospital, often saving and preventing further threats to life during the transport time to hospitals.

Crew Resources 

We staff an ALS level ambulance 24 hours day, 365 days a year as well as an additional ALS ambulance from 6am until 11pm every day!

Agency Leadership

Victor Farmington Ambulance is overseen by a Board of Directors as well as an Operations Staff. Our Board of Directors are responsible for financial oversight of the agency and work with our Operations Staff to develop and implement long term plans. Our Operations Staff are responsible for the day to day management of personnel and resources as well as working to develop and implement the long term goals of the agency.

Board of Directors

President: James Hood
Treasurer: Suzanne McCaffrey
Secretary: Maureen Bills
Mary Beer
David Degear
Kevin Duhamel
Sean McAdoo
Ingrid Zimmermann

Operations Team

Chief Executive Officer: Jared Palmer
Chief of Operations: Mike Carlotta
Lieutenant/Director of Training: Rob Merkel
Lieutenant: Ryan Kerr
Lieutenant: Kevin Russo
Lieutenant: Jordan Kesel