If I get a check from my insurance company for ambulance transport made payable to me, do I get to keep it?

No, you must turn all insurance payments that are sent to you for ambulance services over to Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance to cover the costs associated with the ambulance service provided. 

Checks should be sent to:
Med-Ex Billing, Inc.
P.O. Box 186
Leroy, NY 14482-0816

I pay a fire protection tax on my annual property taxes; doesn’t that cover costs of the ambulance service?

No, Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance is an independent not for profit corporation which is not associated with the four fire departments serving the towns of Victor and Farmington. The ambulance service covers the entire town of Victor and a majority of the town of Farmington east to County Road 28, which is approximately 70 square miles. 

Why does my bill seem so high?

For every call that we transport a patient, we charge a base rate plus mileage. The base rate charge varies by the level of service provided. Service levels include Basic Level of Care to Advanced Level of Care. The hospitals within our area include Rochester General, Unity, Highland, Strong Memorial, FF Thompson, Clifton Springs, Geneva General and Newark. Depending on the appropriate hospital for your care, the mileage charge will vary accordingly. 

Can I use my Credit Card or FSA Credit Card to pay my Co-Pay or Transport Invoice?

Yes, as of September 2012, we now accept Master Card and Visa Cards or FSA (Flexible Spending Account) Health Master Card & Visa Cards. In order to process your credit card payment, please contact our local vendor Med-Ex Billing, Inc. at 1-800-716-8015.

Why does Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance need to charge for services?

All funds received from billing and donations are used to provide local ambulance service in our towns. We must maintain staffed crews 24 hours each day as well as maintain the ambulances, equipment and supplies required. It’s important to have staffed crews who are able to respond instantly to your emergency. 

Examples of costs to maintain service include:

  • Insurance
  • Facility & Utilities
  • Medical Equipment, Supplies and Medications
  • Vehicle Repairs and Fuel
  • Training and Other Costs

Does Victor-Farmington Volunteer Ambulance have employees or volunteers?

The agency is a combination of employed and volunteer personnel. There are eight full-time employees. Multiple crews are regularly staffed to cover simultaneous emergencies that are received. Employed personnel primarily staff day time operations and during the evening a combination of employed and volunteer personnel staff our crews.